Cloud Tales - Episode 02: Featuring Will Bengtson

A limited series that Shares the Stories and journeys of industry cloud heroes

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There’s a cloud security hero in all of us. There has to be, because there aren’t enough “experts” in the world to secure everyone’s cloud. Introducing Cloud Tales, a monthly event where we sit down with a cloud hero and discuss their journey in the quest to securing their cloud environments. No slides, no agenda, just some stories from practitioners and leaders alike that covers some of their conquests and challenges along the way. In our second episode, join Will Bengtson, VP of Security Engineering at HashiCorp. During this time you can:

  • Hear about some of the challenges Will faced in his journey to securing cloud environments for Netflix, Capital One and HashiCorp. 
  • Learn about his career growth from a Technical Lead Hewlett-Packard to VP of Security Engineering at HashiCorp.
  • Hear about questions and challenges others posed to Will during the episode. 

Join Us For This Episode 

7/25/24 at 1pm ET/10am PT/5pm GMT


Our Speakers 

Jason Martin 

 Jason is the former EVP, Products & Engineering FireEye/Mandiant. He has over 25+ years in cybersecurity and is also a conference organizer (Shakacon), author and investor.

Will Bengtson

Will Bengtson is the VP of Security Engineering at HashiCorp. He has more than twenty years of cybersecurity experience at companies including HashiCorp, Netflix, CapitalOne, Raytheon and Hewlett Packard. He specializes in Cloud Security, AWS, Software Security, System Architecture, Threat Modeling, Infrastructure, Red Teaming, Network Security and Application Security. 

Paul Nguyen

Former SVP of Product Strategy and Product Management at FireEye. 25+ years in security from white hat hacker at @stake (Symantec) and Neohapsis (Cisco) to godfather of Security Orchestration with Invotas (acquired by FireEye)